Jessica Huynh /hwɪn/

Đậu hũ nhồi thịt sơt cà chua

Đậu hũ nhồi thịt sơt cà chua (tofu stuffed with meat/pork braised in tomato sauce) is one of my favorite dishes to make—it’s really simple, doesn’t require a ton of fuss, but tastes good. This is an adaptation of my mom’s recipe. Normally the tofu is fried but I didn’t do that here (it’s too warm for that right now!). I also added in straw mushrooms. I’m a believer in the “never-too-many-mushrooms” school of culinary arts.

You don’t need any special tools for this. I used a simple stainless steel sauce pan from IKEA. If I were frying the tofu, I’d use my wok. Or you could buy pre-fried tofu if you’re in an area with a large East or Southeast Asian population.

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Finished Couch-to-5k

Like a decent number of people, I started the couch-to-5k running program in the middle of stay-at-home orders. I finished it up just today and felt like rambling about what it is and how it went.

I had been meaning to do it for a while now (Google Play tells me that I had gotten an app for it a couple of years ago). Now that my commute is five seconds and there are fewer cars out, I didn’t have much of an excuse anymore. I would describe my cardiovascular fitness when starting as “good for a desk worker” (I was already doing yoga and pilates and biking regularly) and I just wanted to be able to run a few miles without stopping.

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Taxonomies in Hugo

It’s been quite a while since I’ve touched my site but stay-at-home makes for strange decision making. I’m doing some cleanup of the design, fixing broken links, and generally making it more efficient (minifying, dropping dependencies since I’m already deployed on a CDN, that sort of thing). One of the changes I just finished was fixing up my links to the post type, categories, and tags, which all make use of Hugo’s taxonomies. Read More…

Continuous Deployment

tl;dr: switched continuous deployment hosting providers due to laziness and stinginess

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Gỏi cuốn and peanut sauce recipe

Gỏi cuốn are Vietnamese spring rolls; they’re easy to make, especially for group things. This is an appropriate-for-cheap-college students version of a recipe I learned from my mom.

I’m not giving any particular amounts because I never measure things.

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Migrating to Hugo

I’ve begun the processing of migrating my blog posts from WordPress over to Hugo, a static site generator. I just hand migrated the lengthiest posts (the image galleries I can do later when I figure out a good way to associate images with particular posts). Layout is all new, all improved!

Starting out with Discover Deis

For the past nine weeks, I’ve been a member of the Voice, Mobile, and Web Application Development Justice Brandeis Semester, a program that helped us learn exactly what it seems like we should. Now that it’s over and done with, I’d like to look back on exactly how we got our app to where it is and some steps in the future we can take, because it’d be nice to make this a much more official app and fill out the empty spots in our already extensive database. Read More…

Custom Sidebars in WordPress (again)

I figure it would be a good idea to repost my previous entry on custom sidebars in WordPress, partly for fun, partly to remind myself. This should work for any WordPress website on custom hosting (which means not blogs, unfortunately, unless there’s some magical way of getting at the code the Internet has yet to discover). I will be assuming you’re working off one of the WordPress default templates or can modify as needed on your own. Read More…