Jessica Huynh /hwɪn/

Currently a Senior Clinical NLP Specialist at Linguamatics, an IQVIA company; master’s in computational linguistics, undergrad in computer science & linguistics, both from Brandeis University.

I post about (mis)adventures in web development, recipes, and other things that come to mind.

Recent posts

Finished Couch-to-5k

Like a decent number of people, I started the couch-to-5k running program in the middle of stay-at-home orders. I finished it up just today and felt like rambling about what it is and how it went.

I had been meaning to do it for a while now (Google Play tells me that I had gotten an app for it a couple of years ago). Now that my commute is five seconds and there are fewer cars out, I didn’t have much of an excuse anymore. I would describe my cardiovascular fitness when starting as “good for a desk worker” (I was already doing yoga and pilates and biking regularly) and I just wanted to be able to run a few miles without stopping.

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